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This addon is still under heavy development but I try to keep the versions here stable.

You can open the settings with "/macframes" or "/mf".


This addon is a replacement for the default blizzard raid and party frames. It tried to keep the basic style of them but add a few features which are missing in the default ones:

  • built-in mouse action rebind (casting spells or using items with clicks)
  • display defensives/externals
  • display dispellable debuffs seperately from non-dispellables
  • optional fixed alignment of specific buffs (eg. always show atonement as the first buff) this feature doesn't have a configuration UI yet :(
  • automatic hiding of unnecessary raid groups in combat based on current content so you can laugh at the people on the bench without seeing them in fight
  • precise size/position adjustment


Features that are currently missing but which I'm planning to implement in no particular order:

  • configuration UI for Class/Spec specific buffs (you can hack this into the profile and it works ... disc priest and resto shaman are configured)
  • configuration for the positioning of the different aura groups
  • exporting/importing of profiles
  • vehicle support (need a tip where I can test that (freely hop in/out of one and gain/loose debuffs)