2,833 Downloads Last Updated: May 3, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.0

m4x-GoldTracker is a standalone addon that will show you how much gold you are holding on all your characters, as well as tracking and showing all the gold earned or lost during that session, day, month and an extra tracker that you can reset whenever you want.

You will have a movable Display that can either show you that character's total gold or how much that character has earned/lost that session.

The tooltip has 4 different modes:

  • Total gold for each of your characters as well as the grand total of all (this shows when you have the Display showing the character's gold)
  • A Tracker that shows gold earned/lost for each character as well as the total of them (this tracker can be reset whenever you want/need)
  • A daily tracker that does the same but resets every day automatically
  • A monthly tracker, again the same but resets every month

You change the Display and tooltip by left-clicking on the Display.

You also have access to a dropdown menu that you can use to:

  • Lock/unlock the Display so you can move it (locking the Display also saves its current position)
  • Reset the gold on the Display and/or the Tracker
  • Reset the position and font size to the defaults - Added in v1.2.1
  • Change the Display font size (you can get any size, it always shows 3 lower and 3 higher sizes compared to what you're using at that moment) - Added in v1.1.1
  • Hide characters that you don't want on the tooltip
  • Hide the Display (even hidden it still tracks everything, so you don't need to have it showing to track your gains)

If you hide the Display you can use the slash command /mgt to show it again.

You open the dropdown menu by right-clicking on the Display.

Reporting Issues/Making Suggestions:
If you have issues or suggestions, please report them properly on the project page "Issues" tab in CurseForge or GitHub.


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