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An ingame item database

Ludwig is an World of Warcraft item database addon that allows you to search for any item ingame. It presents all ingame items sorted by their proprieties, and allows you to filter them as well.

Furthermore, it:
- Allows you to easily type any item [[link] into the chat.
- Works on both Retail and Classic servers, and on all in-game locales.
- Searches trough more than 200 thousand items in a blink.
- Its RAM efficient, only loading the database when you use it.


/lw or /ludwig - Brings up the search frame.
/lw <name> - Prints out a list in the chat window of the top 10 items matching <name>.

Linking Items

Simply type two brackets followed by the item name and a closing bracket in the end (ex: [[Staff]). Ludwig will automatically convert it into the item link, and make suggestions as you type the name.

Author Notes

Consider supporting Ludwig by becoming a patron or submitting a donation.
Please submit bugs and feature requests at GitHub.