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Lucid Nightmare Helper

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The lucid nightmare maze may seem completely random, but if you retrace your steps you will find yourself in the same room. For this reason, a simple map that traces your movements (north - south - east - west) can help you go back to those certain rooms that have an object of interest.


type /lucid or /ln to open the frame (it's only useful in the Endless Halls)


The frame generates "rooms" as you move through the halls.

There are five "Set" buttons that let you change the current room color, which can be used to mark a room on the map where an orb/rune is found, making it easy to retrace your steps when you need to return to that specific room.

At any moment, if you feel the map has become unreadable because of the illogical pattern of the maze, you can use the Reset Map button and restart mapping from any point


This addon isn't the solution to the maze, but a helping hand to avoid having to manually map with pen and paper.


Any feedback is welcome