Low HP Alert

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Mar 18, 2009

Owner: fratzi

Low HP Alert is a very simple Addon which will alert you with text and sound when your HP drops bellow 50% and 25% (30% in Tankmode).

- Extremely lightweight, accurate and fast
- Alerts with a big font and custom audio files
- Tank Edition supports only 30% HP
- Audio files are designed like aircraft cockpit announces -"beep beep fifty"
- Audio alerts are played even if sounds are disabled (played on master audio channel)
- Works with every language

/lowhpalert - shows all commands
/lowhpalert tankmode - only alerts at 30% HP (good for tanking)
/lowhpalert combatmode - only play alert sounds in combat
/lowhpalert sound - turn off all sounds
/lowhpalert text - turn off all text messages

Options are saved for each character.



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