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Some screenshots to give you an idea

And a couple more for Dungeon Player

What Lorehelper does:

  • Guides you through the lore of your race via a "lore test". Standard questions are: age of your character, home Kingdom/Clan/whatever, and then a few questions about the character's participation in the important events. It's all highly race-specific, and won't contain nonsense like "did your troll fight in War of the Three Hammers". First War etc for humans, War of the Ancients etc for night elves, conflict with Theramore for tauren - nothing you wouldn't guess.
  • Guides you through the lore of world areas via Zonepedia^(TM). Just pick a zone and read briefly about it; usually perspectives of different races are available. Additionally, info about the zones that are important for your race will pop up as soon as you enter the zone.
  • Dungeon Player! Drawing on tremendous work of Loremaster Minorou, I included a way for Lorehelper users to entertain their dungeon party with the lore of the dungeon. When you're not in party, you can read it all on your own using Dungeon Player.

Github version here

I hope those interested in lore will find the Lorehelper addon fun to use. Any ideas/suggestions/complaints welcome.


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