Loot Spec Swapper

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This addon changes your loot spec automatically when fighting bosses. If you want to get healer loot off of one boss and tank loot off of another, you can set your preference in the dungeon journal. The addon will switch your loot spec automatically when you target those bosses.

 Open the Dungeon Journal, select a boss, and click the top button to select which loot spec you want to be set to for that boss. The bottom button is where you can set your preferred default loot spec. The default loot spec is used by the addon to determine what loot spec it should switch to after looting a specific boss has completed.

 By default, the addon treats all difficulties the same. If you want it to keep a separate list for every difficulty, type /lss diff to enable per-difficulty settings. Type the same command again to disable per-difficulty settings.

 Other available commands:

  • /lss toggle: Enable or disable the entire addon
  • /lss options: Open the interface options panel
  • /lss quiet: Enable or disable chat output when the addon changes your loot spec
  • /lss diff: Enable or disable loot spec selections on a per-difficulty level
  • /lss list: List your current loot spec preferences
  • /lss setdefault: Set your current active spec as the preferred default loot spec
  • /lss setdefaulttofollow: Set your currently selected loot spec as the preferred default loot spec
  • /lss forget: Forget the preferred loot spec for the current target
  • /lss forgetdefault: Forget the preferred default loot spec