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LootRaffle allows you to quickly and easily share loot from dungeons and raids. It works well for both personal loot and master looter modes.


  • Start a raffle at any time by typing /raffle [Item Link]
  • Automatic raffle prompt when looting an eligible item (with option to ignore certain items)
  • Automatic detection of class proficiencies
  • Automatic trading with the winner
  • Raffle start and end announced in chat
  • Multiple simultaneous roll windows
  • Multiple roll buttons (Need/Greed)
  • Class set-piece filtering
  • Player distance detection and auto-retry trading
  • End roll as soon as all eligible players roll or pass
  • Relic type filtering
  • Trinket main-stat filtering

Planned Features

  • Configuration settings (roll length, logging, position)
  • Localization