1. IMPORTANT!!! If you get errors after upadting this adddon it could be because old variables in the addon are of wrong format so try delete(or just cut out and paste somewhere else as a backup) 'LootFilter.lua' and 'LootFilter.lua.bak' in '<world of warcraft directory and gametype like reatail or classic>\WTF\Account\<account id>\<realm world>\<character name>\SavedVariables'

    Addon Purpose:

    • The addon is designed to automate looting, making it more efficient and saving you time.
    • It allows you to focus on other activities, such as leveling up, without the need to manually check the value of items.

      Customizable Settings:

      • Within the addon’s options interface (/lf options), you can customize several settings:
        • Automatically loot items categorized as ‘quest items.’
        • Disable the auto-looting function if desired.
        • Enable the auto-close window function (after looting items in your loot list and active groups, it will close the loot window).
        • Show a small ‘Loot window’ where items you leave behind will appear (so you can add them to the loot list with ‘left alt’) and ensure you haven’t missed anything valuable.
        • Automatically loot items of equal or higher quality than what you’ve selected on the slider bar.
        • Turn on auto-looting for armor types (mail and plate armor can be sold for some gold, and if you also have another addon that automatically sells gray items to vendors, you won't need to do anything extra. You'll earn some extra gold without any additional effort.
        • Change the hotkey for adding an item to the loot list.
        • Groups:

          • Think of a group as a list of items to auto-loot if they match an item drop.
          • You can turn groups on and off, export and import them to share with friends.
          • Here are some commands for managing groups:
          • To create your own group '/lf creategroup <group name>' 
            • To open the import window: /lf import (sometimes you may need to press enter twice).
            • To open the export window: /lf export <group name> (again, you might need to press enter twice).
            • To add an item to a group: /lf additem <group name> (hover over the item you want to add, then run this command).
            • To delete an item from a group: /lf delitem <group name> (hover over the item you want to remove, then run this command).
            • To print a group’s items: /lf printgroup <group name>.
            • To print all active groups: /lf printgroups.
            • To toggle a group between on/off: /lf toggle <group name>.
            • To create a group type '/lf creategroup <group name>'
            • To remove a group type '/lf delgroup <group name>'
            • Creating Your Own Groups:

              • You can create your own groups or use the built-in ones.
              • To toggle between active or inactive, type /lf toggle <group name>.
              • To list all active groups, type /lf printgroups.
              • If you want to see the items in a specific group, use /lf printgroup <group name>.

                Item Hover Information:

                • When you hover over an item that is in the loot list or an active group, you’ll see red text indicating whether the item is part of the loot list or an active group.