Loot Won Alert Hider/Mover

25,615 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

Hides and/or moves various alert frames.

Slash commands:

  • /lootwonhide [alertType] or /lwh [alertType] - Stop the [alertType] alerts from showing
  • /lootwonshow [alertType] or /lws [alertType] - Allow the [alertType] alerts to show
  • /lootwonlock [alertType] or /lwl [alertType] - Toggle the lock on the [alertType] alerts. The alerts can be moved when unlocked.
  • /lootwonreset [alertType] or /lwr [alertType] - Reset all [alertType] alert frames to their default positions.

[alertType] can be any of the following: all (performs the action for all alertTypes), Loot, Money, LootUpgrade, BonusLoot, GarrisonMission, GarrisonShipMission, NewPet, NewMount, BossBanner

There are three variables that can be edited in config.lua:

  • SAMPLE_ITEMID - The itemID of the item displayed in the various item-based alerts when unlocked
  • SAMPLE_MONEY - The amount of money (in copper) to display in the Money Won alert when unlocked
  • SAMPLE_ENCOUNTERID - The encounterID of the boss to display in the Boss Banner when unlocked

You probably won't need to edit these, but they're there if you do.


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