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This simple addon adds a small button on default player frame that shows the icon of your selected loot specialization. Hovering over it displays a tooltip with specialization name. Left click on the button will change your loot specialization to the next one, right click will set it to current specialization (that automatically changes based on your selected spec). If you change loot specialization too many times in short period of time it gets blocked by the server and you need to wait few seconds before it works again.

You can set key bindings for switching loot specialization and use slash commands to unlock the button and move it anywhere on the screen as well as change its size. Position, size and visibility settings are saved per class.

Slash Commands

/lsi or /lootspecicon - Help.

/lsi unlock - Locks/unlocks the button so it can be dragged to a new position. When unlocked, left click will increase the button size and right click will decrease it.

/lsi hide - Hides/shows the button, in-case you only want to use key binding or don't want to see it on selected class.

/lsi reset - Resets visibility, size and position to the default one.


Loot Spec Icon