Last Updated: Dec 12, 2018 Game Version: 8.1.0


Aug 17, 2017

Owner: Hwap


This addon adds a mini-map button that - when hovered over - displays the above information in a tooltip.

 This was started as a replacement for saved instances and currently is very stripped down from what it offered.  As this grows, it may eventually implement most of those featuers again, however i'm making sure to do so slowly in hopes the code can be maintained by anyone should the project become abandoned.

 Addon Features

  • Dungeon tracking (*10 instance limit is currently not tracked)
  • Raid tracking (Boss status on hover)
  • Tracking of the above for Character and realm so you don't have to log on each character to see the status
  • World Boss Tracking
  • Weekly city quest tracking
  • Blingtron
  • Currency Tracking
    • Can choose to sort by name and expansion
    • Can choose which currency to track
  • Specialized Currency tracking
    • Blood of Sargeras
    • Primal Sargerite
    • Pet Charms
  • Emissary Tracking
  • Show time played
  • Show last login
  • Argus weeklies - troops and quests
  • Mythic + keystone tracking (current)
  • Mythic + keystone tracking (best per instance for the week)
  • Daily heroic instance reward
  • Legion and BFA paragon chest tracking

 Future Releases (link - for all enhancements requested)

  • Custom tracking
  • Holiday event tracking
  • 10+ instance limiter tracking
  • Tradeskill cooldowns

Known issues (link - for current bugs identified)

  • Data can reset on the wrong dates for some locales

 Discord information

ALL THE THINGS is hosting a discord channel for the addon.  ( link ) channel is #locked-out-feedback


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