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Uploaded Dec 24, 2018
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lightweight tag c3c9eee6cebec252c9784fad1a51d6f4054e833c 1.0.13
Author:    Andrew Scott <>
Date:    Mon Dec 24 15:20:29 2018 -0800

commit c3c9eee6cebec252c9784fad1a51d6f4054e833c
Author: Andrew Scott <>
Date:   Mon Dec 24 15:20:29 2018 -0800

    Fixes to make it attempt to work for pet spells again, although it won't actually work until Blizz fixes IsSpellInRange to work with pet spells again.
    This is just the fixes on the side of LibSpellRange so that we're at least picking up pet spells from the spellbook again.

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