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World of Warcraft Wrath Classic embeddable gearcheck library.


  • GearScore: valuation formulas from original GearScore/Lite by Mirrikat45.
  • VehicleScaling: extra levels above baseline for Vehicles (Leviathan, EoE drakes, Gunship cannons, Putricide Abom, etc)
  • Herald: pass/fail test for slots checked for Herald of the Titans achievement.
  • Dedicated Insanity: Speculative check (only item level, not item source, do not trust 100%, it's just for "obvious" fails)



Can be installed standalone but will not do anything without an addon to present the data.

Example WeakAura for testing it

/lib_gs or /lib_gearscore with a friendly player (or the player themselves) targetted will also print some information.


Other addons

Groupie embeds this library for its gearscore display


Developer notes

LibGearScore-1.0 does not initiate inspects.

It also does not persist information past the current session.

If either is needed they must be implemented by an addon downstream.

It will collect and compute scores from any source that inspects units, be it other addons, manual inspection or its own parent addon.


Using in your addon

Consult the LibGearScore-1.0 readme on Github.