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LFM+ (Looking for Mythic Plus) enhances the default LFG UI for Mythic+ activies to make looking for, or creating, a group for keys in World of Warcraft.

To open the options for LFM+ type "/lfm" into chat.

Big Thanks

Addon Layout

  • When multiple filters are selected, they are combined.
  • Active Role Filter
    • Indicated with an icon of your current spec roll (DPS, Healer, or Tank).
    • When enabled (Yellow glow), only listings with a spot open for your current role are shown.
    • Updated when you change specs.
  • Dungeon Dropdown
    • Filter listings by dungeon.
  • Class Dropdown
    • Filter applicants by class.
  • Minimum Score Slider
    • Change the minimum score required for group listings or applicants.
    • Set at intervals of 100 (100,200,300,2100,2400,3100, ect.)
  • Decline Queue
    • Any applicants who do not meet your filter requirements come here to either whither away in die to send you a message about why they think they should not have been declined.
    • Left Click to decline the selected applicant or just let them sit there and expire out....
    • Shift-Left Click to have te selected applicant ignore your filters so they can be invited.
    • Right Click to move to the next applicant.
    • Shift-Right Click to move to the previous applicant

Addon Features

All LFM+ functions apply ONLY to M+ dungeon listings.

  • "Find a Group" Frame

    • Filter listings with no open spot for your current role.
    • Filter listings by Mythic Plus Rating
      • If you set the filter to a minimum of 100 rating, it will filter most LFG spam listings.
    • Using the addons built in dungeon selection dropdown, you can chose any combination of dungeons you would like to see.
      • This allows you to use the actual search box for other things, such as key level.
    • 3 Role Icon displays in addition to the default display.
      • Classed Colored Bar
        • Adds a bar colored with the class of the player in that role below the default icon.
      • Role Icon over Class Color
        • Changes the default role icon to a circle texture colored to the class in that role with a role icon added.
      • Class Icon with Role Icon
        • Changes the default role icon to the class icon in that role with a role icon added.
    • Listings will always show the role/class icons, even if you have applied to it.
  • "Applicant" Frame

    • Filter applicants by class and/or Mythic Plus Rating.

    • Filtered applicants are added to a "Decline Queue" that can be viewed and processed by hovering over the applicable button in the LFM+ frame.

      • Left Click to decline.
      • Shift-Left click to to exempt the group from filter criteria.
      • Right click to goto the next applicant.
      • Shift-Right click to goto the previous applicant.
    • Applicant scores are shortened and the highest scoring key completed is shown next to the score.

  • Default UI Enhancements "Most" settings can be toggled. If there is currently no option to toggle a specific setting, it will be added.

    • Always show groups or applicants who are guild members, regardless of filters.
    • The dungeon of your current keystone will be automatically selected when creating a group.
    • Listings in the "Find a Group" will have the role icons replaced by the applicable class in that role with a smaller role icon attached to it.
      • Smaller role icons are only shown for Tanks and Healers.
    • Add the M+ rating for the group leader to listing names.
    • Add the server of the group leader to each listing (attached to the end of the dungeon name.)
    • Shorten dungeon names in listings.
    • Double click on a listing to sign up.
      • Auto focus the Sign Up window text box.
      • Pressing enter after with the sign up box opened will finialize the sign up.
    • Double Click on activity categories to open the next frame.
    • Shift-Click on activity categories to start a group.
    • Remove the shading overlay from the applicant viewer when you are not the leader.

WIP Enhancement/Features

  • Better localization support.
  • More applicant filters
    • Only allow needed roles.
      • This would mean that if you only had a spot for a healer, any DPS would be added to the decline queue.
      • Groups with multiple players would need to be able to fit in your group.
        • If a group of 3 DPS applies and you only need 2 DPS, that applicant will be added to the decline queue.
    • Specify DPS type
      • Ranged/Melee/Spell Caster
    • Specify Utility
      • Lust/Brez/Immunity/ect
  • Specify players/realms to be flagged or filtered out.
    • Via right click on unit frames, search listings or applications.
  • Ability to track players you have done keys with and record notes that can be referenced when you see that player again.
  • Ability to add a realm and/or player to the addons internal flagging list.
  • User specified short names for dungeons.
  • Scaling

This addon does NOT use rating data from the RaiderIO addon and does NOT require the RaiderIO addon to be installed. Support for RaiderIO scoring/colors is possible if users would like it added.