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A simple & lightweight LFG/LFM tool to make it easier to find group.

This tool will make the "LFG/LFM" spams much easier!
You no longer have to manually write "LFG RFD" and stuff.
Now, you can do it with a press of a button!

This is a VERY lightweight addon that does not use much memory or cpu!


  • Leftclick & drag to move the frame
  • Rightclick the title bar to toggle the main frame
  • Middleclick the title bar to toggle the portrait head icon 
  • Click the top right icon to open the options panel
  • Click the top left icon to shout out your message to the selected chat channels
  • Hold any modifier key (Alt/Ctrl/Shift) and press the top left icon to preview the message before sending it to chat


/lfgs to toggle the addon

/lfgs star to toggle the star prefix


Please let me know what you think.
Thank you 


I need help with translations!

Please help me with the following words in other languages than English:


  • General
  • Trade - City
  • LookingForGroup
  • World


You can add them on:



Thank you!



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