Leech Trinket Counter

7,671 Downloads Game Version: 6.2.0

Measures the real healing output of each player's passive leech and of any leech trinket (Unstable Felshadow Emulsion http://www.wowhead.com/item=124234) by inspecting all group members, getting their passive leech value and checking buffed dynamic leech values from any Leech trinket at every leech combatlog event.

It prints results for trinket healing after combat into your chat window.
You can report last results into chat by typing:
'/ltc' or '/ltc group' - report to instance group chat > raid chat > party chat > say
'/ltc channel <channel number>' - report to a custom channel
'/ltc whisper <character name >' - report to a person

In a report, for every healer with a leech trinket there is a line like this:
<player name> - on others: +XXX on self: YYY from others: -ZZZ

  • XXX is the trinket's healing on other players, counted for wrong people on healing meters
  • YYY is the trinket's healing on the player, counted correctly on healing meters
  • ZZZ is healing from other people's trinket(s) on the player, counted incorrectly for the player

Any partial overhealing is currently treated as if the maximum plausible effective healing came from passive leech.


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