Leatrix Maps (Classic)

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This is Leatrix Maps (Classic).

Enter /ltm to open Leatrix Maps.  Some options have little configuration buttons next to them for further configuration.

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Feature List

- Move and scale the map.

- Reveal unexplored areas with an optional tint to highlight where you still need to explore.

- Choose from borderless map for a clean and sexy look, windowed map or fullscreen map.

- Zoom in and out of the map with an optional setting to remember the zoom level.

- Show dungeon and raid entrance locations on the map along with their respective level ranges.

- Show zone level ranges and minimum fishing skill requirements.

- Show flight points, boat harbors, zeppelin towers and tram stations on the map.

- Show modern group icons in class color.

- Hide town and city icons on the continent maps.

- Enlarge the player arrow.

- Set map opacity while stationary, while moving and while mousing over the map.

- Show player and cursor coordinates.

- Easy to use, custom configuration panel with optional minimap button and LDB support.

- Translations for English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and German included.