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Have you ever found yourself asking when or where you last saw an item drop? Are you surfing through loose-leaf paper in three ring binders, scanning printed Thottbot or Wowhead documents, or scanning violently with your eyes through spreadsheets? Look no further! LastSeen relieves your eyes by keeping track of the loot date, source, and location of most items (more information below).


  • Tracks the loot date, source, and location of any item based on a user-defined rarity filter. (Defaults to Uncommon or higher.)
  • Treats items received through mail and trades as separate sources to maintain data integrity.
  • Supported sources include: creatures, objects, quests, items (containers), crafts, auctions, and trades.
  • Automatically updates existing records when new information is discovered and relevant.
  • LastSeen is equipped with both a mode and rarity control. The player can silence LastSeen with Quiet Mode and select the lowest quality (rarity) of the items they wish to see.
  • Players can interface with LastSeen using the following commands: addignoreremove, and search.
  • The search command supports queries related to items, quests, zones, and creatures. Searching by zone or creature will return all the items the player has seen from that zone or creature.


I'm in dire need of locale support. If the addon isn't working for you, and you play in any language other than English, French, or German, please refer to the LastSeen Localization page, or join the project's Discord.


I'm completely open to feedback. This can be in the form of compliments for a job well done, criticism birthed from compassion about your feelings for the addon, or even suggestions for future features of the addon. All feedback can be reported using the comments here on CurseForge or on the Discord.


Command documentation can be found on the Commands & Settings page of the LastSeen wiki.


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