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The whitelist only applies to spells you cast on targets. It cannot add hostile buffs. The blacklist affects the auras and purge frames.

If an aura doesn't seem to be affected, try tracking it by name instead of ID (type it and press shift + enter, or shift + click the appropriate button).

Customise the auras displayed on Kui_Nameplates.


Use the slash commands /kslc or /kuislc to open the configuration interface and follow the instructions there.

Note that although most auras have the same name and spell ID as the ability which causes them, some do not. The easiest way to track spells which have the same name but a different ID from their parent is to track it by name. To do so, type the name and press shift+enter (or shift+click the button).


You can also use the slash command /kslc dump to list the auras currently active on a target (buffs on friends, debuffs on enemies), so you can use training dummies to find the right spell IDs.