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Lightweight addon tweaking default Blizzard UI + adding some features.



Turn on ClassColors on UnitFrames

Turn on Outline on Nameplates

Turn on Combat Indicator to Player/Target/Focus Frame

Turn on Class Icons on Target/Focus Frame


Remove background behind player/focus names

Remove Prestige Icons from Player/Target/Focus Frame

Remove glowing golden effect on PlayerFrame while in rested area

Remove "zzZ" effect on PlayerFrame while in rested area

Remove red flash around Player while in combat (melee)

Remove portrait corner icon (small arrow in PlayerFrame)


Change frame color of UnitFrames to your preference

Automatically collapse quest tracker when entering battleground


All of those settings are turned off by default. 

To turn specific options on go to interface --> KrioUI addon 


List of features can be enhanced in future.


PROMO ON MY WEAK AURA  (designed for PVP, useful in PvE as well)