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Welcome to the Kingston FURY Dragon Grand Prix



What is it?

The Kingston FURY Dragon Grand Prix is an exhilarating test of speed, precision and fun all wrapped up into one exciting competition. We will see the best dragon riders compete in a 6-course shootout, with unlimited attempts to produce the best times possible, being in with a chance to win some exciting prizes from Kingston FURY & Method.

How to Enter:

  1. Obtain the addon from Curseforge or Wago Addons.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the in-game addon. 
  3. Set your best times in each of the basic races.
  4. Submit your best Dragon Racing scores and see where you end up on our global leaderboard
  5. Keep improving your times before it’s too late!




  1. Complete all 6 courses on basic difficulty as fast as you can
  2. You have unlimited attempts until the end of the competition
  3. No cheating! (This includes any hack, glitch, or exploit that gives you a pre-start advantage)
  4. No account sharing
  5. If you place within the top 6 when the competition ends, you must provide video proof of your runs, so we can confirm legitimacy of your times
  6. Most importantly... have fun!