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This addon was made to reproduce the effect of sha-touched weapons of MoP, which randomly played audio files as if Y'shaarj was whispering to you. The whispers can happen between a modifiable timespan and will also occur when you die (different ones). I extended it to make it possible to have other old gods whispers as well.

Current gods available: Y'Shaarj, C'Thun, Yogg-Saron and Il'Gynoth

Whispers' language will depend on your game's audio setting 

Addon is now available for Classic as well!
Only C'thun and the Corrupted Ashbringer will work for Classic however, as the soundfiles for the others are not included in the game's data.

If you wish, you can also add the followings as optional modules:
Ashbringer (Classic compatible)

Sargeras (made by Смердокрыл (Smerdokryl))
Aluneth (made by Laiev)
N'Zoth (made by TwoSouls)
Ashbringer (light version) (made by TwoSouls)

(Note that in order to work, these modules need the main addon too)

Thanks a lot to everyone making custom modules, it means so much to me!
If you make one or want to make one, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me so i can help you and link it here! :D


You can configure the addon on the settings panel, accessible from the interface options, or by right-clicking on the minimap button, or you can also use slash commands.
Every time you make a modification, the modification is only applied for your current character. You can then save that modification to be global for all other characters, if you wish, by clicking the "Make Global" button that appears next to it.

All commands start with /kta

help => Displays all available commands. This keyword can be used at the end of any other command to display help on that particular command.

setGods <GodNames> => Will change the god(s) who whispers to you. Multiple gods can be set at the same time by naming them one by one (example: "/kta setGods Cthun Yshaarj") - Gods can also be changed with addGods or removeGods commands.

setDelay [<min:seconds> <max:seconds>] | [default|0] => Changes the timespan between which the whispers might occur. (example: "/kta setDelay 60 360" will set the delay between one and 6 minutes. You can reset the default value with "/kta setDelay default" or "/kta setDelay 0")

setSoundChannel <Channel name> => Will set the sound channel the sound files will be played on. (example: "/kta setSoundChannel Dialog").

reset => Will reset gods and delay to default values.

setDefault [Delay|Gods|SoundChannel] => Will change the default values to set when using the /kta reset command.

display [Delay|Gods|SoundChannel] => Displays the current gods and/or delay.

settings => Will open up the settings panel.


If anything goes wrong or if you have any suggestion or question, please do not hesitate to contact me or write a comment!



People have expressed an interest in having subtitles over the quotes. As i can't just take them from the game, since they don't exist for the most part, they would need to be manually localized.
Therefore, if you'd like to offer to localize the quotes in your own language, please don't hesitate to contact me. If enough people volunteer to do it, i will consider adding that as an optional feature.
(Localization in this context is actually as simple as listening to each of the sound files and writing them down. This is not a lot of work, one just has to speak the language ;) )

Needed languages:
Chinese (traditional)
Chinese (simplified)
Spanish (EU)


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