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KeyUI shows your keyboard and what each button is bound to. It helps you manage and adjust your key configurations. Whether you're revisiting an old character, starting anew, or simply want to enhance your Keybinds.


Open KeyUI
- Type "/kui" or "/keyui".
- Click the MinimapButton.

Choose Your Keyboard Layout:
- "Razer Tartarus"
- "Razer Tartarus 2" 

View Keybindings:
- Hover over keys to see the assigned Spell, Macro or UI-Function

Edit Keybindings:
- Click on keys to unbind them or assign different spells/macros. 

View modified Keyboard:
- Click on modifiers (SHIFT / CTRL / ALT) to toggle them.

- Press modifier keys.

Hide the Menu:
- Click "Hide" to close the menu. 

Refresh Bindings:
- Click "Refresh" to update the frame.



Whats next?

  • Add a Gamepad Layout
  • Add a Mouse Layout
  • Add Moving Keys (W, A, S, D) as Icons
  • Add a Minimap Icon
  • Add Bonus Bars (Stealth, Druid, ...)
  • Add Pet Bindings
  • Get rid of the "refresh"-button and automatically refresh
  • Highlight Key if pushed


Known Issues:

  •  It's Quiet... too Quiet


I would like to thank my guild master "L.M.". Without him, reviving this addon/code would not have been possible.