Keystone Manager

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Keystone Manager

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Log in on all your alts and this little addon will keep your keystones stored. It also stores your weekly best level. Report is possible to Guild, Whisper, Party, Instance, Raid


From version 8.0.3 you can also see your guild keys. It is compatible with AstralKeys (Beta)


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  • Guild keys (Astral Keys compatible)
  • Alt-Click create premade group for your key
  • Shift-Click Insert key link to chat
  • Compatible with LibDataBroker (TitanPanel, ElvUI Datatexts).
  • Report keys to channel/whisper
  • Remember weekly best
  • Minimap Icon
  • Exclude/ban dungeons list
  • Window to copy keys as plain text


  • /keylist - open up window with keystones
  • /keyprint - print keystone to chat window