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Both Raider.io and the ingame API only store mythic+ information about completed keystones. KeyCount is a lightweight addon that stores basic information about all of your mythic+ keystones. This of course includes completed keystones, but also keystones abandoned by you or other party members. Now, you can finally know which dungeon you really attempted the most. it's going to be halls of infusion




Data is stored in your SavedVariables folder (/WTF/Account/<your account>/SavedVariables/KeyCount.lua
Data can be accessed through the ingame slash commands, starting with /kc. Current options:

  • /kc to open the GUI
  • /kch for help
  • /kcl to list all dungeons
  • /kcf <key> <value> to filter through the data and show only specific runs
  • /kcrate to show success rate for each dungeon. Can be used together with key/value filters

Data is only stored by actually playing mythic+. You can not import runs from other sources (such as raider.io).

New data will not show up in the print commands or gui until you have reloaded (/reload) or relogged!


Data points

The following data is saved for each dungeon, and can be used as a key for the filter (not character specific!)

  • [season] Current mythic+ season ('all' for all seasons)
  • [player] Player name
  • [name] Dungeon name
  • [completed] Only show completed runs
  • [inTime] Only show runs completed in time
  • [time] Only show runs that took longer than specified amount
  • [deathsGT] Only show runs with more than specified deaths
  • [deathsLT] Only show runs with less than specified deaths
  • [level] The key level. Filtering only shows runs above this level
  • [affix] Specific affix (multiple should be separated by comma = AND, or | = OR)
  • [date] Specific date (format 1999-12-31)


Data filtering

  • By default only data for the current m+ season is being shown. Seasons are named "expansion-1"  (example: dragonflight-1)
    • The database for the addon is shared by all of your own characters. Checking other people's data is not possible, but you can filter for a specific character that you own.


Common issues

  •  Data not showing up in any of the commands
    1.  Make sure you have the latest version installed. Bugfixes and new features happen regularly in this stage, so things might break.
    2.  /reload or relog to save your data to the addons database. 


This addon is currently in beta. Please report any bugs on this page or on the github page.