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Key Bind Profiles Addon

Key Bind Profiles is a lightweight addon designed to improve the management of keybinds in World of Warcraft. Blizzard’s default system only allows for character-specific keybind settings. This addon extends functionality by allowing specialization-specific profiles that automatically load when you switch specializations.


  • Profile Management: Create and save keybind settings into profiles that can be reloaded anytime.
  • Specialization-Specific Profiles: Assign profiles to specific specializations for automatic loading upon switching.
  • Auto-Save Functionality: Keybinds are automatically saved when changed, with the option to disable this feature for manual control.
  • Persistent Settings: The profiles retain settings even after quitting the game.


To manually manage profiles, through a macro for example, access the addon's interface menu or use the following chat commands:

  • /kbp save: Saves the current profile.
  • /kbp save [profilename]: Saves to a specified profile. Overwrites if it exists, or creates a new one.
  • /kbp load [profilename]: Loads an existing profile.
  • /kbp delete [profilename]: Deletes an existing profile.
  • /kbp list: Lists all existing profiles.

Manual keybinds saving is available through the 'Save Keybinds' button or by using the /kbp command.

Storage and Backup

Keybind settings are stored in the following directory:
/World of Warcraft/_<VERSION>/WTF/Account/<ACCOUNTNAME>/SavedVariables/KeyBindProfiles.lua

Important: Deleting your WTF folder will remove all stored keybinds. To prevent loss of data, keep a backup of the KeyBindProfiles.lua file. If you reinstall the game, restore this file to retain your settings. It's not possible to recover keybinds if you lose this file.


This addon has been tested and works with:

  • Default Action Bars
  • Bartender
  • Dominos

It should be compatible with other action bar addons as long as they do not completely rewrite the base action bar logic.

Development Background

The addon was created from a desire to port Silencer2K's action-bar-profiles addon for WotLK-classic. However, the original KeyBindProfiles contained a plethora of additional functionalities that ultimately caused the addon to break due to compatibility issues with WotLK's API.

Faced with numerous unimplemented API calls in WotLK, it became clear that a complete overhaul was necessary. I decided to extract and refine only the essential keybind saving and loading logic, discarding the rest. This decision led to the development of a new, streamlined addon that focuses solely on providing reliable keybind profile management.

The current addon, therefore, is a significant simplification and rewrite, maintaining only the core functionality of keybind management from Silencer2K's original work.


For those interested in the original addon by Silencer2K:

Explore more of Silencer2K’s projects on CurseForge.