Keep The Herbs

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Keep The Herbs

If your just like me, then you always sell the wrong herbs and then you need to farm them again.

No more unnecessary farming !!!

This add-on shows you a tooltip of everything you need to save for your alchemy.


How it looks:



How to use:

There are no settings in the add-on, just install and it will appear.


Known issues (Classic):

  • Some skills are wrong, [Blackmouth Oil], [Stonescale Oil] and maybe [Gurubashi Mojo Madness], but they are wrong on WowHead to, need to investigate, any help is appreciated.


Known issues (TBC):

  • Some skills are wrong. (Data on WoWhead are wrong.)
  • Some of the mats are wrong. (Data on WoWhead are wrong.)
  • There is no skill level on any of the herbs. (Data on WoWhead are missing.)
  • They will be fixed as soon as I find them or as soon as someone report it.


Bug reports.

  • Try to be as accurate as possible when reporting an error.
  • If you have any improvements, please let me know.


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