Keep The Herbs


Keep The Herbs

If your just like me, then you always sell the wrong herbs and then you need to farm them again.

No more unnecessary farming !!!

This add-on shows you a tooltip of everything you need to save for your alchemy.


How it looks:



How to use:

There are no settings in the add-on, just install and it will appear.


Known issues (Classic):

  • Some skills are wrong, [Blackmouth Oil], [Stonescale Oil] and maybe [Gurubashi Mojo Madness], but they are wrong on WowHead to, need to investigate, any help is appreciated.


Known issues (TBC):

  • Some skills are wrong. (Data on WoWhead are wrong.)
  • Some of the mats are wrong. (Data on WoWhead are wrong.)
  • There is no skill level on any of the herbs. (Data on WoWhead are missing.)
  • They will be fixed as soon as I find them or as soon as someone report it.


Bug reports.

  • Try to be as accurate as possible when reporting an error.
  • If you have any improvements, please let me know.