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Account-Wide Friend/Ignore Lists (KayrFriendSync)

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A simple addon to synchronize your friend & ignore lists across your characters.

It is disabled by default, but a new tickbox each in your Friend list and your Ignore list (see screenshots) allows you to enable synchronization.

Once enabled for a given list (friends and/or ignores), the addon will store all of the entries in the list and add them to the corresponding list when you log in on another of your characters.

When you add or remove friends/ignores, or add notes to your friends, the addon will track these changes and synchronize them to your other characters when you log in on them as well. It reports its changes (without being spammy) so that you know what it's doing.

Languages supported:

  • English

Other locales to follow in later versions. It should work fine in other locales for now, but messages to the user and UI strings will be in English only for now.

Planned Features:

  • Not much - I'd prefer to keep this addon as simple and free of bloat or additional features as possible.

WoW Classic Support:

  • Should be compatible, but isn't tested as often. Please report any issues.