Karni's Crap Filter

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[!] Be sure to turn off Autoloot in the Blizzard options or the mod will not work [!]**

DESCRIPTION Karnifex finally got tired of looting 8 copper Fish Scales and accepted the quest to figure out how to never do it again. Thus, Karni's Crap Filter was born. It automatically loots what you want and skips what you don't want, saving bag space for good stuff like hookers and weapons. It's also a robust, full-featured and hopefully easy to use auto loot system!

NEW STUFF! - User can now selectively disable auto-destroy while using tradeskills. This is very useful
when leveling new tradeskills. This setting is on by default for new users but may be off for
users with existing SavedVariables file. Fishing is not currently included in this option.
- Added option to automatically open Crap Filter when talking to a merchant. Window should
automatically move to the correct place.
- Revamped the look of the addon to be a little more like the standard blizzard UI frames.


  • Set a minimum value for automatically looting white and gray items
  • Automatically destroy "crap" items
  • Cloth: Loot what you want!
  • Water: Loot all, none, or just the ones you want!
  • Food: Loot all, none, or just the ones you want!
  • Potions: Loot all, none, or just the ones you want!
  • Scrolls: Loot all, none, or just the ones you want!
  • Add items you really hate to a Never Loot list
  • Add items you really like to an Always Loot list
  • Automatically loots all quest items - never forget a quest item!
  • Automatically loots all currency items (Emblem of Valor, Badge of Justice, etc)
  • Never loot a fish scale again :D
  • The following tradeskills are automatically looted for your pleasure:

  • Enchanting
  • Milling
  • Mining
  • Prospecting
  • Skinning

  • There are options to autoloot for the following:

  • Pickpocketing
  • Fishing
  • Cooking materials

    LibDataBroker support... This allows the mod to appear on
  • Fortress - freely movable, dockable blocks
  • StatBlockCore - freely movable, dockable blocks
  • ButtonBin - puts many LDB plugins inside a box.. or bar.. or several!
  • TitanPanel - now has built-in LDB support
    ...and more!

COMMANDS /crap or /karnicrap to bring up the options menu
/crap on = enable mod (can also be done through UI)
/crap off = disable mod (can also be done through UI)
/crap [itemlink] to add an item to the Never Loot list (/karnicrap works too, but who cares?)
/notcrap [itemlink] to add an item to the Always Loot list

Hold down ALT while looting if you just want to window shop (temporarily disables autoloot behavior)

NOTE: When in a group it won't try to loot anything above the loot threshold. For example the loot threshold is set to [uncommon] by default, so it will only try to automatically loot [common] and [poor] items. It will leave the loot window open for you to select any other items still present.


  • If you have the loot window set to appear at your mouse cursor, the first time you loot something after logging in the icons may show up in the top left. No idea why.
  • The tooltips I added for the cloth loot options appear gray the first time they appear. Also no idea why.
  • Taint errors are apparently caused by Blizzard's LootSlot() function if there is only 1 item to be looted and the item is coins. Was supposed to be fixed years ago, it doesn't have any real effect that I can tell.
  • The last couple of WoW updates seem to have made the autodestroy when looting feature a little flaky. I will look into it as soon as I can.


  • Change "Destroy all crap" button to a "Sell all crap" button when at a vendor
  • Add merchant window possibilities or help text to the inventory window
  • Auto open when at vendor option, open next to vendor window option
  • Add options to not delete when leveling/using tradeskills
  • Maybe make a help screen or a help icon that triggers a tooltip
  • Option to factor in Auctioneer/AH average buyout prices?
  • Minimap icon
  • Make buttons and items non-interactive when mod is disabled
  • Organize the code a bit more logically
  • Try and localize the mod


  • Let me know what's working and what's not, I'll do what I can to fix it.


  • Thanks to Sbo of Doomhammer for helping me with a ton of stuff!
  • Thanks to Cirk of Doomhammer for unknowingly helping me with his own mods :)
  • Thanks raicuandi for helping fix stuff!
  • Thanks EVMaker for keeping me up to date and helping figure out some tricky issues!
  • Thanks Speedwaystar for posting the fixes to make it work in 4.0 to make fans happy!

Keywords: loot filter value autoloot pick pocket pickpocket fishing tradeskill profession milling skinning prospecting mining enchanting clam lockbox lootfilter destroy delete autodestroy autodelete bag space


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