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Kallye Raid Frames (Bigger Debuffs, Highlight Low HP / Revert HP, ...)

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Kallye Raid Frames


Modifications to Blizzards default raid/party frames according to my own preferences.
All features are optional.

1._Solo Raid frames

  • Always show raid/party frames even while solo

2._Changes to raid/party frames

  • Highlight unit background depending on health:
    • default from black, to yellow, then red
    • options to change colors and %
  • Invert HP bars (less life = bigger red bar !) (sRaidFrames like)
  • Skull icon added before dead players names: 💀Kallye
  • Transparency of units out of range
  • Roles icons
    • Move role icons on top left
    • Hides DPS role icons
  • Buffs / Debuffs Size
  • Buffs / Debuffs Max display limit & Multiline
  • Buffs & Debuffs alignment (alpha)
  • Target icons (💀❌🔴...) on raid frames (alpha)

3._Changes to both Group Units and Nameplates

  • Removes servernames from the unitframe ( "Illidan (*)" instead of "Illidan - Varimathras" )
  • Apply class (or chosen) color to players nameplates and names (allies / enemies) (NEW)
  • Pvp Icons (alpha)

Slash Commands

/krf - shows options
/krf test - toggle test mode
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