Jojo's Bizarre adventure SFX for Monk

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


May 9, 2018

Owner: legendary_xelar

Hi everyone,

I love Jojo's bizar adventur and when i play my monk i always imagine a "ora ora ora" when i do a Fists of Fury aha

So i decide to make this project, put SFX from Jojo's for each main character. Each spells have his own SFX and a spell can have many SFX too ! (it's random)

Fan or not of Jojo's , try it ! You will see your monk in a different way ! :)


How to install it ?

There is one Zip per character, choose the one you want in files section (always take the last version of the character you want of course).

Be careful, do not activate 2 characters together for conflicts (disable those you don't use in the addon menu in game)

If you're downloading it from Twitch Application, go to "VERSIONS" to download a specific character


NEW 3.0 : Now the addon got an interface for manage all characters ! Disable / Enable SFX or change the character easily from the interface menu ! (Interface/Add-ons)


Character finish


-Jonathan Joestar (Video of gameplay :

-Jotaro Kujo (Video of gameplay :

-Dio Brando (Video of gameplay :


-Joseph Joestar (Video of gameplay :


Character in development

none for the moment



/jojosfx <on-off> (Active or desactive SFX in game)

Graphic interface directly in the Add-ons menu now :)


Support Language

-English, Français, Italiano, 한국의, русский, Deutsch, Español

If you find errors in translate , don't hesitate to send me a private message.


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