Jojo's Bizarre adventure SFX for Monk

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Hi everyone,

I love Jojo's bizar adventur and when i play my monk i always imagine a "ora ora ora" when i do a Fists of Fury aha

So i decide to make this project, put SFX from Jojo's for each main character. Each spells have his own SFX and a spell can have many SFX too ! (it's random)

Fan or not of Jojo's , try it ! You will see your monk in a different way ! :)


How to install it ?

Just copy and past the files in your addon folder


The addon got an interface for manage all characters ! Disable / Enable SFX or change the character easily from the interface menu ! (Interface/Add-ons)


Character finish


-Jonathan Joestar (Video of gameplay :

-Jotaro Kujo (Video of gameplay :

-Dio Brando (Video of gameplay :


-Joseph Joestar (Video of gameplay :


-Josuke Higashikata (Video of gameplay :


Character in development

none for the moment



Graphic interface directly in the Add-ons menu now :)

For those who meet issues with the interface, use the command /jojom


Support Language

-English, Français, Italiano, 한국의, русский, Deutsch, Español

If you find errors in translate , don't hesitate to send me a private message.




Want to join the discord community ?  You will be inform of the updates of the addon and you can also give ideas to improve it !



Warning, the addon interface doesn't work with Tidy plates. 


Problem interface

If you encounter issues with the interface (can't select the characters for exemple), there is a solution, but be aware that will reset all of your others addon configuration : deleting cache, interface and wtf folders.

If you don't want to do that, you can use command , write above in the description



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