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Designed to help guilds sort out the healer rotation on Loatheb.

Based on a healer list & order decided by the RL or an assistant, this addon will display a list of the next healers to heal in a dynamic order based on who has the Corrupted Mind debuff preventing healing for 1min.

Only supports English, Chinese, Russian, German and French clients.

 Clip of addon in use :

(This addon is only the list of healers in the center right - the castbars are from a WA)


Usage (RL) : Click on the JeypLoathebHealSorter Icon on the minimap, then paste a list of healers in the healer list and check "Send Data To Raid". If your list of healer uses a different delimiter than the default (commas), you will also need to modify the delimiter in the textbox.

Usage (Every healer) : Click on the JeypLoathebHealSorter Icon on the minimap, then press Toggle Anchor to display and position the anchor, then press Toggle Anchor again to hide it. The window will show up automatically once the debuff is applied.

The "Test Mode" can be used to get used to the addon without being on Loatheb. Enabling it changes the trigger debuffs, so that the window will show up when buffed with the 30min Priest Stam buff, and you will be considered to be in cooldown when buffed with a renew. You still need to be in a raid group.


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