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Aug 26, 2009

Owner: ebonyfaye

Jamba - The Awesome Multi-Boxer's Assistant.

== Whats new in jamba 5.0 ==


== CrossRealm Support ==

Is now supported.

== FAQ and HOWTO: ==


For help or comments on Jamba, post here on dual-boxing:


== General Information ==

Jamba is an addon for multi-boxers. It has the following features.

  1. Add all your characters into Jamba and designate a character as the master character.
  2. Commands available to switch master characters on the fly; change master based on the characters current Focus.
  3. Display health or experience bars of Jamba team members even when they are not in the same party. ( this is back in ver 5.3 )
  1. Create a complete party from among all your characters with just a few clicks.
  2. Automatically promote the Jamba master character to be the party leader.
  1. Quest selection, accepting, abandoning, completion and watching on one character are mirrored by your other characters.
  2. Automatically accept quests and escort quests. Automatically complete quests with no choice of rewards.
  1. Displays follow status (following / not following) on a small screen.
  2. Option to automatically follow after combat.
  3. Ability to warn master character in a variety of ways if a slave stops following.
  4. Commands available to strobe the follow command every second (great for boxing melee characters where combat breaks follow).
  1. Whispers to slave characters can be forward to the master character as well as master replies.
  2. Can direct replies from slaves to a particular character from the master character (/w myslave @myslavetarget hello there).
  3. UI Errors and UI Information from slave characters can be forward to master character.
  1. Slave characters automatically take the same flight as the master character.
  1. Automatically sell grey items and sell other specified items.
  2. Automatically purchase items from merchants.
  3. Automatically repair at a merchant (optionally using guild funds).
  1. Automatically deny duels, deny guild invitations, and accept resurrection requests.
  2. Automatically accept summon requests.
  3. Warn the master character when health and mana fall below a certain percentage.
  1. Configure Jamba options for all characters from just one character.
  2. Messages to master character can be sent to various places (guild, guild officer, private channel, default chat, etc).


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