Jaedia's Menagerie

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2013 Game Version: 4.3.0


Dec 7, 2011

Owner: EthanCentaurai

What It Does

This addon adds a blacklist feature to the in-game "/randompet" slash command. Simply drag and drop companions you don't want to show off into the Blacklist to prevent it from being chosen.

Why Did You Make This?

I made this addon as I was spamming the "/randompet" command one day and it chose my Guild Page companion at one point. This companion has a four-hour cooldown and it got wasted thanks to the random number generator.

This addon originally started as a safety check to prevent the Guild Page/Squire companions from being chosen, but after chatting with a friend one day I decided to include blacklist customisation and release it to the public.

How Do I Use This?

To blacklist a companion:

  1. Open the Spellbook and click on the Companions tab.
  2. Open the Menagerie by using the "/jae" command. (a button is on the todo list)
  3. Drag a companion from the spellbook and drop it onto the empty grey box under "Blacklist".

To remove a companion from the blacklist, either click on or drag a companion from the list.

Why Call This "Jaedia's Menagerie"? Isn't That A Blog?

Why yes, it is indeed. I made this addon with Jaedia in mind and she is happy with me using the name. It fitted well and "BetterRandomPet" sounded too lame and generic!

I Found A Problem! Halp!

If you've found an error or would like to suggest a feature, please make a new ticket in the issues hub or leave a comment here.


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