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Broken with 10.0

If you are able to fix it or see the problem with it, contact Vahdis on twitter or discord. 


This will simply add an additional tab to your InspectFrame that will display gold-related statistics without having to use the incredibly slow "Compare Achievements" feature from the default UI.

It may or may not work with <insert random UI name here>. If you run into issues ask the person who's responsible for the UI you're using or DM Vahdis#3709 on discord - everyone's free to use and adept the code, I only ask for giving credit, that's all. The same goes for other addons that are modifying the InspectFrame in any way.

Original author is sezz posted on wowinterface https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23583-InspectGold.html#info