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This add-on is designed to enhance communication in battlegrounds with quick and easy call-outs.

Unlike similar add-ons, this one is lightweight and up-to-date. It does one thing and one thing well - helping you to communicate in battlegrounds. Key features:

  • Optimized for performance, ensuring minimal impact on gameplay.
  • Built from the ground up without relying on third-party libraries, avoiding unnecessary bloat.
  • To maintain reliability, it does not support battlegrounds like WSG, AV, and TP, where call-out zones are too generic and inaccurate. No info is better than a faulty one.

Supported battlegrounds:

  • Arathi Basin
  • Deepwind Gorge
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Isle of Conquest
  • The Battle for Gilneas
  • Wintergrasp

Slash Commands:

  • /inc show: Shows the UI. It will display preview messages if not in a valid battleground.
  • /inc hide: Hides the UI.