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Incentive Program - Satchel Finder


Incentive Program - Satchel Finder

Incentive Program is an AddOn that will look through all of the Dungeon and Raid finder to find the Call to Arms bonus loot for you. When new satchels of loot are found, it will add the dungeon to the frame where you can click from there to join.

The addon is able to identify new instances, which helps future proof the addon without a need for immediate updates.

The addon adds flair to the LFR Raid instances, to help identify which wing of the instance for which you are queuing.

How to Use

Left Click the small frame to view eligible instances that have the incentive. If you do not like a particular instance, you can ignore the entire instance or just certain roles for that instance. You can join from the left click menu.


Holding Shift when clicking the menu or mousing over the dungeon choices will show the missing instances so you can adjust settings, even when there are no incentives


Right Click the button to view the options where you can set the roles you want to play, clear previously ignored instances, and adjust settings.


You can set roles, even those not eligible for your class if you want to search for an alt instead of the character you are currently playing on.


You can hide the normal frame to use with a Data Broker addon. The alert will have the frame cycle through images to grab your attention, as well as play the LFG Tool ping sound.


The toast will create a pop up that can be clicked to join the dungeon's queue. This frame is draggable.


  • Hide In Party - Hides the Frame while you are in a party
  • Hide Always - Hides the Frame permanently. This is intended to be used with a Data Broker addon so you can still interact with it. 
  • Alert When New - Alerts when a new or change to an incentive has appeared
  • Alert With Toast - Displays a moveable toast pop up to warn you of the new dungeon and the roles involved.
  • Ignore Completed LFRs - If an LFR has all encounters completed, it will not alert when a new one is found. It will still appear in the Left Click menu.
  • Hide When Empty - Hides the frame when the current count of available Incentives is 0
  • Sound Settings
    • You can choose any Sound ID in the game, use http://www.wowhead.com/sounds to find new sound IDs. After selecting a sound, the ID will be in the address bar.
    • You can disable sound
    • You can update the amount of times the sound will play each alert
    • You can choose the sound channel the alerts are played from.  This is useful if you wish to turn off in-game sounds but still want to hear the alert.  Change the channel to something that has volume to hear the alerts.
  • Image Cycles
    • Choose how many times the frame cycles through the three coins
    • Option to have the icons continuously cycle
  • Reset Position - This resets the position of the frame to the middle of the screen, in case you lost it.


White - Normal State

Mage Blue - This instance is already queued for (is not included in the count)

Death Knight Red - This instance is ignored (is not included in the count, but you held shift to display all instances)

Really Green - This is an LFR instance where you have cleared all of the encounters.

Slash Command

Slash Command - /ip Opens the Interface Panel



The AddOn also integrates with Data Broker, so it is compatible with your favorite Data Broker enabled interfaces.