90,187 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2022 Game Version: 9.2.0  
  • Replaces keystone links in chat with color coded and renamed links
  • Gathers and prints all of your characters highest (weekly) m+ dungeon and your current key to the chat.
  • You can also start a m+ dungeon with /iks start (if your start button is hidden behind raid frames etc)
  • Automatically uses your keystone when you click the font of power (doesn't start the dungeon, just uses it so you don't have to find it from your bags)
  • Shift-Mouseover order hall minimap button to show window containing all characters and keys

Slash cmds (/iks or /ikeystones x)

  • start (s) - start dungeon
  • next (n) - print affixes for next reset
  • ignore (i) - ignore current character
  • whitelist (w) - enable tracking for current character (remove ignore)
  • delete (d) characterName serverName - delete specific character
  • next (n) shows the next affixes active on next reset, assuming you have seen all current affixes
  • reset (r) - Delete all characters
  • guild (g) - Request keys from guild
  • list - Show all mapIDs

Chat cmds (currently only for party chat, always filters by current faction)

  • .allkeys - all keys
  • .allkeys x - keys where key level = x
  • .allkeys x+ - keys that are at or above x
  • .allkeys x-y - keys that are between x and y
  • .allkeys s x - search for specific key, x = mapID (use /iks list to see all map ids)
  • .keys - Key for current character
  • .weekly - keys where char's current weekly <15 and key >=15


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