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May 23, 2007

Owner: Lavindar


This addon allows you to specify your main character's name, an identity format string, and which channels will have your identity tag prepended. It also allows you to specify a nickname for use in Raid and Party channels.

All options are configured on a per-character basis.

Basic instructions:

use "/id main <name>" to set your Identity, for example: /id main Agaor

to enable the use of the identity in a channel use "/id enable <channel>", for example: /id enable guild

to change the format of the Identity use "/id format <format>". The tokens you can use are:

  • %s -> Will be replaced by the appropriate identity
  • %z -> Will be replaced by the name of the current zone
  • %l -> Will be replaced by the character level
  • %g -> Will be replaced by the character guild
  • %r -> Will be replaced by the realm name.

Any other character will be kept unchanged, for example the format:

[%s-%r]<%g>(%l) - %z

will look like this:

[Agaor-Nesingwary]<of The Queue>(100) - Nagrand

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