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Icetip is a simple, customizeable and powerful tooltip addon.


  1. Level coloured by diffculty.
  2. Border coloured with raid colors
  3. Backdrop coloring for guildies and friends.
  4. Border coloured with item's quality.
  5. Show target's target.
  6. Show target's tanlent information
  7. Show target's base information(health, power. etc)
  8. Raid Target Icon
  9. Show npc's reputation infomation with you (hostile, friend.. etc)
  10. Guild name and guild level displayed
  11. Custom tooltip's style (background, border, font.. etc)
  12. Postioning Options(anchor, offset)
  13. The tooltip is shown in specific situations, not crash in the Hallow's Day.


Your feedfack is important! Please sumbit bugreports, localizations in your language.Have a problem? Please create a ticket on Like my addon? Tell Other. :D

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