IAmAMerchant Classic

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Filename IAmAMerchant Classic (v1.0.0).zip
Uploaded by Forge_User_85951715
Uploaded Sep 16, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
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MD5 188b1f41e551aa4ec506d8239ab30948
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- Brave step of going up to major version 1.0.0. The addon should be now in rather stable
  state for anyone to use. Please report any further bugs as well as how to reproduce them.
- Fixed dropping an item into the frame when the mouse was released after starting
  the drag
- New fix for "no player named ___ is currently playing"
- Added security checks, that only requested item data will be processed.
- Window can be closed with escape
- add "/iaam sound <on/off>". If a merchant was found, a money sound is played if activated.
  This might be helpful while only few people are using this addon.