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Hunter Macro PlugIn (GnomeSequencer Enhanced)

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!!!! Required Addon: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/gnomesequencer-enhanced !!!

This is a PlugIn for the new Gnome Sequencer Enhanced addon. This addon is a macro collection (macro package) providing you with tested and improved macros for all available Specs of the class. This PlugIn will usually generate Top 10 ranking results and will be kept up to date in time.

All my Macro packages are intended to improve quality of life for players suffering from disability or people who dont want to bother with the multitude of buttons, necessary to play competitive.

This Package includes so called "One Button" Macros for all available Hunter Specializations. All Macros have been designed by me personally, based on years of experience with macro writting, as well as a lot of research on the web regarding the newest DPS, Tanking and Healing rotations.

Quick Start Guide:

  1. Install GnomeSequencer Enhanced
  2. Install Macro Pack
  3. Run WoW and enable the addons
  4. Login to your Character and type /gs
  5. Adjust Talents according to the Helptext displayed for each Specialization
  6. Go to the Charcter specific Macro Window
  7. Drag the new GS Macros to your Action Bar
  8. Enjoy
  • Usage: Spam the Action Bar Button with the Macro as fast as possible. A good alternative is AutoHotkey :)

Release Note: This is the first itteration of Hunter Macros including the Artifact Abilities. Please note that I've only spent a couple of hours with each Spec, as its still early in the Legion release. Frequent updates will follow.

For help on getting GS-E setup and how to get the plugIn working please refer to the videos of the GnomeSequencer - Enhanced addon, linked below. These videos were created by TimothyLuke and he is the owner of any copyright in regards to these videos: