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There is currently a bug where the game client is telling addons that they are playing in an incorrect region which impacts when Honor Assist resets honor. You can test this by typing "/run print(GetCurrentRegion())" in-game (https://wow.gamepedia.com/API_GetCurrentRegion). At the moment the only fix for this that I know of is to manually edit a file to use your region. 

1. Navigate to World of Warcraft/_classic_/Interface/AddOns/HonorAssist

2. Open HonorAssistUtils

3. Search for GetCurrentRegion() and replace with 1. There should be three places you replace. Example: local regionId = 1

4. Save file

5. If logged in - /reload



This is strictly a Classic World of Warcraft add-on. 

This add-on was created to help players track their daily honor grind. As of right now we track PvP kills only and bonus honor (objectives like capturing the Warsong Gulch flag, destroying towers in Alterac Valley, etc). We do not track honor gained from world leader kills.


We also provide battleground frames in Warsong Gulch. See below for more details on that. 


Day Start Times:

US (includes Brazil and Oceania) - 8 AM PST / 10 AM EST / 3 PM UTC

EU - 8 AM CET / 7 AM UTC

China - 7 AM CST / 8AM UTC

Korea and Taiwan - All use same time as US. This is almost certainly wrong.

If you know exactly when Honor resets for the day and it does not match what we have listed please let us know so we can update the add-on. 



Battleground Frames - displays all enemies in a frame to help track health, power (mana, energy, rage), and allows you to target them as well. More features coming for this in the future.

The plan right now is to add: show # of people targeting an enemy, add optional right click functionality, and add communication with other players running HonorAssist for faster updates. Holidays will delay how quickly this gets done. 


Daily Tracker - helps you keep track of how much honor you gained for the day and from where

History - view how much honor you gained on previous days

Tooltip Honor Enhancement - view diminishing returns and total honor possible from unit in tooltip

Nameplate Honor Enhancement - view how much honor a player is worth when viewing their nameplate (default UI only)

Honor Gained Message Enhancement - more descriptive honor gained message that factors in diminishing returns. Also available in shorter format if toggled on in options. 


For a list of possible commands in-game please type /honorassist into the chat log while playing. It will list all possible slash commands and what they do.



It is possible you may lose data being used by the add-on if you do not terminate the World of Warcraft application gracefully. That means sudden power outages, ALT-F4, end task via Task Manager, and other operations outside of Exit Game may cause World of Warcraft to not save your current sessions data.


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