Hokuto No Monk

11,332 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014 Game Version: 6.0.2

This addon adds sounds effect for the monk class. All effects came from Hokuto No Ken. Currently the sound is added for the following abilities: - fists of fury - paralysis - tigereye brew - fortifying brew - spinning crane kick - rising sun kick - blackout kick - touch of death - tiger palm

Now it has a slash command: /hnm or /nomonk to use it in game. Options are:

/hnm volume /hnm channel /hnm move

volume settings: /hnm volume high /hnm volume low to change to a more louder version

channel: /hnm channel SFX /hnm channel Music /hnm channel ambience /hnm channel master to use a specific channel for sound effects

move: /hnm move off /hnm move on to enable or disable all sound at once

specific moves /hnm move off movename /hnm move on movename where movename can be: fof, tb and so on. refer to command line help to get full list of moves

If you wish additional sounds or want to provide suggestion you are welcome!


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