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This addon help you to get the Hivemind mount.


  • Skyreach Console Sequences interface.
  • Button to show Skyreach entrance location and how to get there.
  • It also help you to get the hidden letters and tells you if you have completed the quest.
  • Button "Where is the letter?" to show where to get the letters.
  • Detect the Talisman of True Treasure Tracking.
  • Button Clear coordinates to reset the TomTom Waypoint coordinates.
  • Tell you how much thing you must buy and set the TomTom waypoints for you to the next thing . You can also target vendors and put a skull on the target from the interface.
  • For the cat toy secret code part, this addon automatically tell to your group party the secret code and calculate the absorbed, resisted or Overkill damage. 
  • The addon help you to complete the Jumping Puzzle .
  • Detect if you have enough money to complete red monocle.
  • Detect if you have TomTom Addon installed when game start.
  • Auto buy button for the token hunt in Vashj'ir
  • 3D portrait for the selected vendor and target npc from the portrait.
  • Full auto buy checkbox to buy automatically on interacting with the merchant.
  • Added timers for the tokens hunt in Vashj'ir now display time remaining of the tokens.
  • Added Button "Start" Change TomTom coordinate automatically.
  • New Added a system for help you to kill Rikei, Blom'an, Giluzui and Yorilan simultaneously with progress bars.(All players need to have this addon to make it work)



To use this addon you need the TomTom Addon to use the auto set waypoint feature.

You can get the Tomtom addon here: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/tomtom?gameCategorySlug=addons&projectID=18808


You may need "Hivemind HoO Puzzle Helper" if you want the Yellow Monocle in Halls of Origination.



Slash Command                                Description

  • /hh                                             Open the  interface for the Hivemind Helper

Release v1.0.3.0 for 8.2.5 BFA


If there is something wrong, any questions, any suggestion or feedback, please tell it in the comment section.

You can joint Discord to discord.gg/pXCsF5a


Support of Localization coming soon..