🛈  The addon is more or less abandoned because I turned my back on classic and also because Cataclysm will remove spell ranks which will render the addon completely obsolete. But as of Feb. 2024 it still seems to work with WOTLK & Classic 🛈


  • Informs you about the use of outranked spells and adds an analysis window for those outranked spells you have on your actionbars (*)
  • The Summary windows (/hmr) allows you to uprank your actionbars (*) with one single button click and offers the ability to compare previous and most current spell ranks against each other (only wotlk version because the classic api lacks functions needed to do so) 

* this addon is designed for the default blizzard action bars. If you are using bartender, button forge, ElvUi or something like that, its very likely that the only HMR functionality working will be the notification when you cast outranked spells. I never used one of the above addons because I was always satisfied with the default action bars - so I did not test the addon with any of the addons listed above, but I am quite sure they have their complete own bar management system which my addon does not know of and therefor is not able to work with.

🛈 There is now also a vanilla wow version of HintMeRank (which also works with SOD) 🛈  

Note: for I am not playing vanilla wow this version will not be activly maintained (other then the wotlk version)

Currently the addon does two things:

  1. Watch your Spell casts and notify you in the chat area and the middle of the screen as you cast outranked spells (spells with an rank that is beneath the maximum rank you could use at your level) 
  2. Add two commands (/hmr and /hintmerank) that open a small window that analyzes your actionbars for outdated spells and allows you to directly uprank them and compare current and new available spell rank against each other by clicking the rank button.

Slash Commands:
/hmr notification-delay <time in minutes> - set the delay HMR waits until re-notifying you about the use of an outranked spell

Current Languages:

  • DE
  • EN
  • FR (thanks to Chassemoss from Auberdine)

Feel free to translate the addon strings into your language. If you are wanting to, see the i18n dir within the addon folder.

Planned for the future:

  • Enable you to ignore certain spells for the notifications
  • Also watch other party member's spells and list them in the info frame
  • Reminder for you to uprank the spells you just learned

Please submit issues and contributions here: https://github.com/serjoscha87/HintMeRank

Some misc words: