HighLevelAlert (High Level Alert-Elite) [Hardcore]

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requires: Nameplate turned on (20m in classic era)



Description: HighLevelAlert is a World of Warcraft add-on that provides a warning system for high-level enemies. It alerts players when they encounter foes that are significantly higher in level compared to their own character. The add-on uses nameplates to display warnings in real-time, indicating the presence of elite or boss-level enemies that may pose a significant threat to players. HighLevelAlert also includes options to play a sound alert and display a text notification on the screen. With HighLevelAlert, players can be better prepared for challenging encounters and avoid unnecessary risks in the world of Azeroth.


  • Real-time warning system for high-level enemies.
  • Displays alerts on nameplates for elite or boss-level foes.
  • Text notifications on the screen for quick visual cues. (You can Drag the Text-Warning with your mouse)
  • Helps players avoid potential deadly encounters and stay safe in challenging situations.

Note: The add-on does not target or interact with enemies automatically, it simply provides visual and audio cues to alert players of high-level foes in their vicinity.

Get HighLevelAlert now and stay vigilant against formidable foes in World of Warcraft!