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Hemlock (Poison Helper)



The entire idea is to make the entire poison-buying process as simple, fast, and brainless as possible.
It doesn't make you bother with ranks or anything - it assumes you want to refill your highest-rank poison to a threshold you set.

How to use:

  1. 1. Right-click to set the number of poisons you want to automatically buy and make.
  2. 2. Left-click to automatically buy the exact amount of reagents you need.
    Hemlock keep track of your inventory so it won't buy more reagents than needed!
  3. 3. Left-click again to automatically craft your poisons.

Numbers appears in red when the threshold is not reatched.
Note: this is the new UI, you can enable the old one in the addon settings

Lacking Features, Ideas & Problems:

Display a warning message if you don't have enough space in your inventory before buying anything.
If you click on a poison button and you have enough reagents and if the poison tradeskill window isn't open an error might appear, just click the poison button again to beging crafting.


Antiarc (cheald) for the original version https://www.wowace.com/projects/project-14170.
Distribution of the classic update has been approved.