Healer Stat Weights

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Healer Stat Weights 8.2.5! (Corruption Edition)

Get personalized, accurate* healing stat-weights in real-time.


HSW is now updated for 8.2.5 with support for corruption effects, as well as a few additional spells/trinkets. The addon's results are reasonable for most specs, with exception to the haste stat weight on a few specs, such as holy paladin. As always, your mileage may vary! This update would not have happened without the help of Jundarer of the Dreamgrove!  Big thanks! 


I have many ideas on improving HSW and want to do a much better job of maintaining this addon in Shadowlands! To that end, if you are interested in helping me with HSW in Shadowlands, please contact me on discord (Bastas#6681). 






Beginner's Guide

If you are a new user, start here: https://questionablyepic.com/hsw/




  • Supports all six healing specializations, with some specs being more accurate than others.
  • Export stat-weights directly to a pawn string
  • Quickly switch between recent combat segments
  • Customization options!


Important Disclaimer.

I made this tool because I love stats. But...

  • This tool is not a substitution for class knowledge.
  • We calculate statweights based on how you play. 
    • If you play correctly - the statweights will be based on healing correctly
    • If you play incorrectly - the statweights will be based on healing incorrectly


Min/maxing your stats has a very minimal impact on your actual ingame performance. Especially when compared to fixing UI issues, positioning, gameplay, rotation, mechanics, consistency, mana usage, synergy, etc. There's so much that goes into being a great healer, and your stat weights are one of the smallest pieces. If you want to take the deep dive into really improving, then keep up-to-date with your respective classes by utilizing the links below:







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